How to be an Eco friendly Traveler?

eco friendly traveller

During the first few days of the lockdown, people noticed several changes around them. They were pleasantly surprised to see clear blue skies due to no cars on the roads. In fact, the canals of Venice became cleaner because of zero tourist traffic and even the fishes returned. This led to a flood of memes exclaiming “nature is healing, we are the virus”. But on a more serious note, we must realize that our irresponsible ways have greatly ruined the planet. Here are some ways in which you can have eco-friendly travel.

1. Resist the temptation to take the hotel toiletries

We have all been guilty of this at some point in our lives. But next time when you do stay at a hotel do not use the shampoos, soaps, and other toiletries provided as they are packaged in plastic. Even if you do take them, make sure that you recycle the plastic. You can always carry your own eco friendly travel toiletries and reuse them when you return home.

2. Carry your own sustainable water bottle

Instead of buying a one-time-use plastic water bottle, carry your own reusable copper bottle. You can find places at many tourist destinations around the world where you can refill your water bottle free of cost. This goes a long way towards sustainable traveling.

sustainable copper water bottle

3. Pack light

This is a practical solution but also helps reduce an aircraft’s carbon emissions. You don’t have to worry about paying extra baggage fees. Basically, just travel with a backpack so that you have more time for sightseeing and exploring rather than having to lug your bags around. Be smart, and have an environmentally-conscious trip.

pack light for an eco friendly travel

4. Switch to nature-friendly transportation

In addition to reducing air travel, use public transport. Public transport allows you to better understand a city’s vibe and history. Some places also offer electric or manual bicycles on rent which allows you to travel at your leisure while also being eco friendly.

nature friendly transport

5. Try out local delicacies

This one is a no-brainer because what use is travel if you don’t try out local dishes? This way you can get to know that place’s food culture and also discover some new favorite dishes. This is a great way of encouraging local chefs and embracing seasonal produce. Our consumption patterns play an important role in climate change so trying local food is a must for the sustainable traveler. Also, it is very important to carry your own bamboo cutlery set and not use single-use plastic cutlery wherever you sit to eat. These bamboo cutleries are durable and take less space.

local food

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