Facts that will make you switch to eco-friendly living

1. What are greenhouse gases?

Greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane, chlorofluorocarbons, ozone, nitrous oxide, and water vapor. These gases help keep the Earth warm. Have you ever seen a greenhouse? A greenhouse traps sunlight but the heat does not escape outside. In a similar manner, without greenhouse gases to keep the Earth warm, the planet would be a cold, lifeless place. But over the past few years, the proportion of these gases in the air has reached alarming levels, so much so that the Earth’s temperature has been increasing with every passing year. To bring down the levels of these gases in the air, it is essential to switch to an eco friendly living.

reduce green house emission for eco friendly living

2. What is the Svalbard seed vault?

The Svalbard Global Seed vault is a storage facility where seeds are safely stored. The main purpose of this facility is to protect the seed variety in case of any natural or man-made disaster. This vault contains the most diverse seed collection in the world, with seeds being sourced from all corners of the Earth. Given its remote location, the seeds remain secure and intact, free from moisture.

Svalbard seed vault

3. Why we should not use plastic products?

Plastic takes thousands of years to decompose naturally. It cannot be incinerated as it releases toxic gases upon burning. Moreover, plastic has been found even on the ocean floor. If this wasn’t enough, microplastics can also enter the food chain through marine life. So, it has become very important to switch to eco friendly living. It might sound difficult to do so but it’s not. Consider the beginner’s guide and intermediate guide to finding some really simple tips to lead a healthier and eco friendly life.

no use of plastic for an eco friendly living

There are no known ways in which plastic can be easily disposed of. But some of it can be recycled and converted into benches and tiles. In addition, research is being conducted as to ways in which plastic can be responsibly disposed of.

Greenhouse emissions, forest fires, climate change, and the pandemic have taken over our lives. It has become very important to switch to an eco friendly living to have a sustainable future, not only for us but also for the future generation.

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