Eco-friendly, handcrafted masks

Reusable masks made with breathable natural fabrics that enable employment. For every mask you buy we donate one mask.

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High Quality and Safe Masks which will last longer than Covid-19.

N95 masks and surgical masks are meant for single use only. FDA has approved tedious sanitization methods for N95 masks but still they can be sanitized for only upto 3 times. Would you reuse and keep at home a compromised mask without washing? Fabric masks if used by everyone are safe and more eco-friendly.

Innovatively designed in different sizes, because one size doesn't fit all. Click the size you wish to explore:

Our masks are handcrafted under strict safety regulations by daily wage workers whose livelihood has been impacted by the Pandemic. Shipped to you only after a three steps sanitization process.


Why we are different?

Ethically Crafted

We use only the best quality natural materials without harming or abusing any living being


Our materials are chosen based on medical research. We follow the latest FDA, CDC, and WHO guidelines.

Soft & Good fit

We went through a lot of materials & designs to come up with a mask that fits the face perfectly & is soft on the skin.

Responsibly Packed

Using minimal and sustainable materials we create packaging as a product in itself which can be reused

Trendy Design

Masks designed for all occasion. Stand out safely and proudly with our modern designs.

Should We All Be Wearing Face Masks?

You’ve must have heard conflicting opinions about the protection they offer. So why has the Government mandated wearing any kind of masks and not just N95 when stepping outside for protection from outbreak? We decided to research and bring out the science behind it.

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About Eco & Faye

An IIM A alumnus venture, we serve to create eco-friendly solutions that work for the improvement of the environment and health of all living beings. As a friend of humanity and the planet, we are working round the clock to bring you sustainable protective gear during the COVID-19 crisis the world is collectively braving. Hold tight, we will survive the pandemic and we all will make this planet a better home.

Meet the team

We are Eco & Faye and we aim to create sustainable products which are innovatively designed using locally available abundant raw materials as a means to empower rural Indian farmers and artisans.

About Us

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We can sustain/create jobs for local Indian artisans who have been affected by this pandemic. For every mask you buy we donate one mask to the underprivileged.

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Making your own mask? These are the 5 most important things to consider.