5 ways in which you can adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle


 “You have to hold yourself accountable for your actions, and that’s how we’re going to protect the Earth.”  

Julia Butterfly Hill

The earth is chained in the shackles of pollution, destruction, rising ocean levels, disturbances in the food chain thus hampering the ecosystem. Human activities have destroyed nature to such an extent that if we do not stop now, no one can save us from the impending doom. We cannot change everything at once but taking small steps can make a huge difference. These changes can start at home and when everyone starts doing the same, the environment will benefit at large. The following eco-friendly and sustainable ways can be of great benefit and are fully within our control.

1. Energy Conversation= Energy Generation

Energy conservation is one of the important things we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. We can not only use solar panels for energy generation for domestic purposes but also reduce the careless use of electric appliances by switching them off when not in use.


2. Be an Eco Tech-savvy

Native Speek - Bamboo Cell Phone Speaker/Amplifier – Native Way Products LLC

We can also switch to eco- friendly technology which consumes less energy and is also cost-efficient such as bamboo speakers, bamboo keyboards, rechargeable batteries, etc.

3. The joys of up-cycling

Reusable face masks are in trend now, they are super comfortable, stylish, and breathable. Moreover, they save a lot of money and are easy to wash. Tin or plastic containers can be decorated and turned into home decor items such as lamps, flower vases, etc.  Another way is to cut down on meat consumption which in turn benefits the environment and maintains a balance in the food- chain.

4. Waste to compost

sustainable ways to eco friendly lifestyle

Chemical fertilizers not only deplete the quality of the soil but also harms the organisms dwelling in it along with contamination of groundwater and surface water resources. The organic wastes like vegetable and fruit peel, eggshells, used tea leaves can be converted into compost which is Eco friendly and serves as organic manure and helps in maintaining the quality of the soil along with enriching it with nutrients. By this, we can create a beautiful and eco-friendly garden of our own. Also, instead of using plastic pots, we can switch to old and discarded containers and bottles planters. Plants not only help in purifying the air but also reusing and recycling of plastic products help in keeping the environment clean. 


5. Say bye to plastic, and yes to sustainability

sustainable ways to eco friendly lifestyle

We must avoid the usage of plastic as much as possible. This can be done by using metal or glass containers instead of plastic ones, using cloth bags for shopping purposes, using copper water bottles, and instead of using plastic cups and plates, we can switch to paper cups and plates, which are 100% disposable and Eco friendly.

A greener home is the first step towards a greener earth. These small changes in our daily life not only help us in maintaining the sustainability quotient but also contribute towards a greater cause of saving our mother earth.


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