Planet friendly home products!

Sustainable functionalities for everyday life

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Our Products

Why we are different?

Ethically Crafted

using genuine manufacturing practices sans cruelty

Locally Sourced

from nature with an entire local supply chain

Quality Over Quantity

product design crafted for ethical, aware people.

Responsibly Packed

using minimal & Biodegradable materials

Jayati is a business graduate from Trinity College Dublin, with majors in Marketing & Branding. She is passionate about sustainability and spearheads a vacation rental business that hosts an upward of 5000 guests per year.
Jayati Baweja

CEO & Co-Founder

Ecopreneur and inventor with multiple approved US and Singapore patents, Amit is an IIM-A alumnus. He was previously working in New York as an Analytics consultant with expertise in consumer behavior.
Amit Singh


State Government Bamboo Work Development Workshop, 2019

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