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At Eco & Faye, we recognize many life forms on earth are under threat of extinction. We’re deploying the resources we have—our business, our investments, our voice, and our imaginations—to do something about it.

Creating the Next Generation of Responsible Business.

An IIM A alumnus venture, we serve to create eco-friendly solutions that work for the improvement of the environment and health of all living beings. As a friend of humanity and the planet, we are working round the clock to bring you sustainable protective gear during the COVID 19 crisis the world is collectively braving. Hold tight, we will survive the pandemic and we all will make this planet a better home.

Consistent growth and sustainability is a bidimensional aspiration for all at Eco & Faye, we remained focused on providing quality and affordable sustainable alternatives to millions across geographies and bridging the gap of unmet needs through continuous innovation. Our basic philosophy, by its very nature, serves a social responsibility hence we have a far better reason than profits alone to drive our performance.

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Ecopreneur and inventor with multiple approved US and Singapore patents, Amit is an IIM-A alumnus. He has successfully delivered several International and National prestigious projects. He was previously working in New York as an Analytics consultant with expertise in consumer behavior.
Amit Singh


Jayati is a business graduate from Trinity College Dublin, with majors in marketing. She led Corporate Marketing at a mid-sized tech company in India before starting a vacation rental business that hosts an upward of 5000 guests per year and provides consulting to hospitality establishments.
Jayati Baweja

CEO & Co-Founder

At Eco & Faye, we started with a simple question. How can Individuals do their bit for the environment? Why can’t we make our products more sustainable? It turns out we can. So we ventured on bringing products that can be reused, recycled, and help restore the environment by lowering our carbon footprint. We wish to move towards healthy living, for us and for the environment. Together, we can bring exciting change for our upcoming generations.

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