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How to be an Eco-Friendly Bookworm

If you’re someone who always has a book with you wherever you go, whether it be to work, on a holiday, or for your work commute, then it won’t be wrong to say that you’re a bookworm. As all bookworms know, we can’t resist buying books or simply sniffing them. There is an immediate need to step towards eco-friendly reading because every year the green cover on the planet keeps reducing, sometimes because of deforestation and at times because of wildfires. 

You might be a  physical book purist and we aren’t here to judge you. Nothing makes a bibliophile as happy as holding a book in your hand and marking down your favorite lines or passages. But there are ways in which you can buy physical books and yet be an Eco-warrior.

4 easy ways in which you can be an eco-friendly book worm

 Firstly, buy secondhand books online or offline as much as possible. As someone who used to turn up her nose at used books, let me assure you that secondhand books have a magic of their own. Not only do you get to own a book that has its own history but owning old editions is in vogue now more than ever. This allows you to help save trees in your journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. 

 There are many online stores where you can buy used books, such as “books by weight” which offer low prices for every kilo of books you buy. Or there is also an event called “lock the box” where the price of the box is fixed beforehand and you can buy as many books as you can fit into that said box.

 Secondly, the easiest way to read physical books is to have a library membership. It is light on the pocket and helps you put in your contribution towards an eco friendly lifestyle.

No doubt sometimes we have to buy books because it is hard to come across used copies of new releases. These days books have a note which says whether they have been printed on recycled paper. Check which publishing houses have adopted these practices and if not write to them voicing your concern. Recycling paper is essential as it saves trees from being chopped down.

 You can also buy an e-book reader which can store thousands of books at a time. E-books are eco friendly because they not only help you save paper but also save space in your room. An e-book reader is lightweight and also has options that allow you to read without having to worry about glare. No more worrying about which books to take with you on your holiday or forgetting books in odd places! E-book readers are a smart, eco-friendly option for the conscientious reader.

If you don’t like a book that you have bought donate it to a charitable organization that helps underprivileged children. You could also donate it to a local library. Remember, our goal is to save trees and help reduce and recycle waste. These might seem small changes but they go a long way towards sustainable and eco-friendly living.

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