6 Eco-friendly gift hampers you should buy this festive season

6 eco friendly gift hampers you must buy this festive season

Diwali comes with the promise of flickering diyas, colorful rangolis, a house full of sweets, and the sweet smell of winter. Now imagine among all this, a house that smells of alluring warm vanilla. Wouldn’t that be calming? Lighting incense sticks and burning essential oils is an age-old Indian tradition, more so during the festive season. But with hundreds of more options in the market, how do you know where to start? This is why we have made an eco-friendly gifts list for you to choose from.

1. Sustainable Diwali Gift Box

This Diwali hamper contains-

Isn’t this the perfect sustainable hamper you can gift to anybody? It’s super useful and eco friendly at the same time. These products lasts long and are durable. Also, Eco and Faye ensures 100% plastic free packaging.

sustainable Diwali gift box

2. Corona Kit Care Box

Don’t forget to make sure that your friends and family are safe during this pandemic. Here is a all in one kit to protect them from the virus. It contains 2 reversible masks, 1 glass bottles sanitiser and 1 eco friendly keeper to protect your masks and sanitisers from unnecessary touch that can cause infection. 

corona care kit box

3. Eco-friendly personal care kit box

This wonderful personal care kit has a huge list of items-

This gift box contains all the personal care items one would need this festive season to prep themselves up in a eco friendly and sustainable manner. 

eco friendly personal care kit box

4. Eco friendly dental care kit box

We all care about keeping our teeths white and pearly. But have you ever given a thought to the planet’s health? Plastic toothbrushes are toxic for the environment. One plastic toothbrush takes more than 450 years to decompose where as bamboo toothbrush takes only 6 months to degrade. So here we have an eco friendly dental care kit box which you can gift to yourself or your loved ones. It contains the following items-

  1. Set of 2 bamboo toothbrushes
  2. One copper/ stainless steel tongue scraper

All these come in organic and biodegradable packaging like dried grass, cardboard and cloth pouches. 

eco friendly dental care kit

5. Face and body soap kit

This soap kit is designed mindfully to fulfil all your face and body care routine. 

  1. Germanium soap keeps your skin moisturized 24 x 7
  2. Activated charcoal soap with medicinal benefits
  3. Exfoliating coffee scrub which will rejuvenate your skin

You can not only buy this kit for yourself but it is the perfect gift for your friends and family.

face and body soap kit

6.  Zero waste night skincare kit

Invest in the best eco friendly and best quality skincare items. It’s time to build up a skincare regime that doesn’t harm and pollute the landfills. This superb kit contains the following items-

So, this festive season put your hands upon these sustainable and useful kits for your self-care and for your family and friends. For pricing and other details please visit our website www.ecofaye.com.

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