Celebrate Diwali in an eco friendly manner- Here’s How

celebrate diwali in ab eco friendly manner

Diwali is a cause for celebration. It’s the only time of the year when everyone puts everything aside and gets together to spend time with the family. With new clothes, sweets, and the light and colors everywhere, it is indeed a merry time all over the country. However, with changing times, we need to rethink how should we celebrate Diwali in an eco friendly manner.

6 Tips to Celebrate a Green Diwali

Diwali  being a joyful festival – is also a time when we need to be responsible. Most of us, while gearing up with making all the preparations and decorating our homes forget about our responsibility towards the earth.

Taking measures to avoid sound as well as noise pollution and celebrate an eco friendly diwali. However, there are a few more ways in which we can make Diwali a ‘clean and green’ festival. Here’s how.

1. Say ‘No’ to Crackers

For quite a while, this has been a recurring theme of Diwali celebrations. Crackers create a huge problem of air pollution in many states of India after Diwali. Nowadays there are various kinds of eco friendly and green crackers available in the market, opt that.

say no to crackers

2. Buy local

A lot of us are switching from the traditional diyas to electrical lights. Indeed the electrical lamps have benefits such as they never go out, they are easier to maintain, and will never stain your expensive festive clothes.

However, these electric lamps are made of plastic. They are not made in India – so we are celebrating our festival by boosting a foreign economy. All this, at the cost of local artists and communities running out of a means of making money. Finally, switching to electrical lights is what makes the electricity-consumption around Diwali sky-rocket.  Don’t you think the diyas look a lot prettier? So why not go organic and support our local vendors.

buy local

3. Say no to plastic shopping bags

Plastic is the number one enemy of the environment. One way to reduce your use of plastic is to insist switch to paper shopping bags. It will be even better to just carry your own shopping bags – either old plastic ones that you saved from your previous shopping trips, or cloth bags that you bought or had made.

say no to plastic shopping bags

4. Gift Health Instead of Sweets

Gift sustainable products like a bamboo toothbrush that is good for your loved ones and are kind to the environment. Plastic brushes cannot be recycled and end up contaminating the world we live in. Bamboo toothbrushes are not only biodegradable but also are made up of naturally antibacterial bamboo.

Eco and faye bamboo toothbrush

This Diwali serve and gift your guests sweets and dry fruits in these beautiful coconut bowls. Plastic bowls are extremely unhealthy to eat food in they release toxic small particles of plastic that mix with our food and ultimately reaches our body. Coconut bowls on the other hand are natural and are even microwave safe.

eco and faye handcrafted coconut bowls

5. Use Eco Friendly Rangoli Colours

Rangolis are a crucial part of Diwali celebrations – all of us have witnessed or been a part of a rangoli-making competition at least once! But we forget that these pretty and colorful designs require synthetic colors that are dangerous for the environment. We can’t skip making them, but what we can do our best is to make sure it complies with our eco friendly Diwali celebration – opt for flower rangolis, or use eco friendly colors that do not cause harm to our surroundings. It’s really about the simple choices!

eco friendly flower rangoli

So, let us all pledge to be responsible citizens and celebrate a clean, green, smoke-free, noiseless, and organic and a Happy Diwali this year! 

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