The health benefits of storing water in a copper water bottle

There has been a growing backlash against single-use plastic bottles for quite some time now. These bottles are made from low-grade plastic and take centuries to decompose naturally. In our quest towards a greener planet and an eco-friendly lifestyle, we need to slowly phase out these bottles from our homes. One sustainable alternative is using a copper water bottle.

health benefits of storing water in a copper water bottle

You are certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to buying a reusable water bottle. There are bottles made from stainless steel and glass. A new entrant to this market is one that is attracting a lot of attention: copper water bottle. Utensils made of copper were commonly used by our great-grandparents. In fact, before plastic invaded our lives, we would only have found utensils made from copper, brass, iron, and clay in any Indian home.

What makes copper water bottles a must-have? Copper has multiple health benefits. Even though Copper is required only in trace amounts, it is essential for the absorption of nutrients and maintaining the overall health of the body.

The 4 Major health benefits of Copper:

  1. It helps in the absorption of iron
  2. It has anti-inflammatory properties
  3. It also plays an important role in maintaining your immune system
  4. It also keeps our heart healthy

Now let us take a look at how these benefits of Copper actually work. Many women suffer from anemia, which is iron deficiency. But only eating foods rich in iron will not help if you also suffer from copper deficiency. Copper is required for the effective absorption of iron.

Copper is also said to help reduce and even delay the risk of arthritis. Similarly, it can also delay the onset of osteoporosis, a condition that is common among women after menopause. Copper is an essential nutrient to help maintain bone density.

It has also been found that a person who has copper deficiency is more likely to fall ill. This is because copper deficiency can cause a drop in the number of white blood cells (WBCs) in your body. What do white blood cells (WBCs) do? When your body is fighting a disease or an infection, these cells perform the function of “fighter cells”, battling the disease in the body. Thus, copper is required to maintain WBCs at the optimum level, so that your immune system is not strained when you fall ill.

Copper is also said to assist in balancing the cholesterol levels, which in turn help maintain heart health. Some studies have pointed out that there is also a link between copper deficiency and high blood pressure levels.

What are some other benefits of copper?

Copper is the third most common trace mineral in our body and also one which has multiple benefits. It has antioxidant properties which help take care of our skin. In fact, some researchers believe that it may also help delay ageing. It is also known to promote brain health.

Such are the health benefits of Copper. As we have seen, copper is an essential trace mineral. A number of foods are good sources of copper. But in addition to a balanced diet, we can also enhance your absorption of copper by switching to a reusable copper water bottle.

A copper water bottle makes sense because most of us use water bottles, even while at home. Storing water in copper vessels is a good solution given the antibacterial and antifungal properties of copper.

How to use a Copper Water Bottle?

It is recommended to leave water in a copper water bottle overnight to get the most nutrition out of it. Now you must be wondering whether cleaning a copper water bottle is time-consuming or requires a lot of muscle. But don’t worry, cleaning a copper water bottle is surprisingly easy. A tried and tested method is to use 2 ingredients commonly available in our pantry – lemon and salt. Scrub your bottle with salt and lemon to make it shine like new. You could also use baking soda and lemon to clean the bottle. Additionally, you can easily find a cleaning solution for copper vessels in your local grocery store.

Copper may be required only in trace amounts but its role is such that your body cannot do without it. That is why it is high time we stopped using plastic bottles, which have no health benefits whatsoever and only end up dirtying our planet. Instead, let us switch to a reusable copper water bottle and appreciate the wisdom of our elders.

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