Is Reusable Copper Bottle Worth The Investment?

Reusable Copper Water Bottle: A One-Time Investment

Are you frustrated with your plastic water bottles which no matter how much you clean them, look cloudy and have a particular smell? Our reusable copper water bottle is the solution to this problem. Not only will you save money but also help save the planet from plastic pollution.

Why should you invest in a copper water bottle?

Did you know that every minute more than 1 million plastic bottles are bought globally? Not only that but most of these bottles are used only once and then thrown away. A plastic bottle takes about 450 years to decompose. This means that a plastic bottle which we use only for a few minutes, outlives us by centuries. 

In addition to creating unnecessary waste, plastic bottles are not good for our health as well. It is estimated that a person ingests about 39,000 to 52,000 microplastic particles every year. When bottled water was tested for microplastic particles, researchers found that about 93% of the water contained microplastic particles, including polypropylene, polystyrene, nylon, and polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

hazardous effects of using a plastic water bottle

Which water bottle is the best?

There are many reusable water bottles available in the market. Stainless steel water bottles are the most common among them. They come in different colours and sizes. But most of these bottles are not completely plastic-free, as the lid or the bottle cap is made from plastic. In addition to that, it is also essential to check that the steel is of high quality.

Another option is glass bottles. Glass bottles are safe to store drinking water. But here too there’s a catch. Glass is fragile but did you know that the small, broken pieces of glass take thousands of years to decompose? Moreover, carrying a glass water bottle with you everywhere can seem like a bit of a hassle, as you need to take extra care. 

This brings us to the third alternative. A reusable copper water bottle is the best eco-friendly, sustainable plastic-free water bottle. Drinking water from copper vessels has been a centuries-old tradition in India. Storing water in a copper water bottle has numerous health benefits. It is a one-time investment, as it is easy to clean and if taken good care of, is sure to last you 20 years at least.

health benefits of copper

Why choose Eco & Faye reusable copper water bottle?

Our reusable copper water bottle is vastly different from the other copper water bottles available in the market. Here’s why:

  1. Our bottle has a 100% pure copper lining
  2. Our bottle is completely plastic-free, with even the lid being made out of copper
  3. The trendy, floral design which is sure to turn heads
  4. Lightweight and handy
  5. A holding capacity of 1 liter
  6. Comes in eco-friendly, recyclable packaging
why use eco and faye copper water bottle

Once you switch to a copper water bottle, you’ll notice the difference for yourself. Not only will your health get a boost, but you will also help reduce plastic waste from piling up in landfills. Make the sustainable switch today!

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